Making virtual reality accessible for everyone

Spinning Photos is an innovative Virtual Reality marketing and advertising agency based in Malta, focused on creating immersive  360° VR experiences.

360˚ Virtual Tours Gallery

Instantaneously take your customers virtually anywhere.

360 photography puts the viewers in the front seat where they can tour, explore and discover.

Memorable VR experiences that stimulate the senses, convey compelling content and stories that emotionally engage and excite viewers. This entices increase in sales and closing final deals.

  • Rental Properties
  • Hotel
  • Car Sales
  • Real Estate
  • Events
  • Museums
  • Retail Outlets
  • Gyms
  • Construction Sites
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Showrooms

In addition to producing VR marketing and advertising content, we can include your business in Google Street View. Making your business reachable to all of your potential clients who use google maps to get around.

View your tour on any device

Some of our work


If you want your restaurant to shine above the rest, you need to stand out in a good way.  Today’s consumers are on one or more social media platforms, where they share just about everything in their lives.So if they visit your restaurant after viewing the virtual tour, they may share their experience on their profiles. This creates social proof, which helps others decide whether or not to dine in your restaurant.

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Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could experience your venue before they actually arrive? With the help of this tour, clients could decide which area or booth they want to reserve making them choose your business instead of competition.


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Business Google Street View

With Google Maps business photography potential customers can locate your shop before they visit, see what you’re all about and even have a little look at the merchandise or services on offer.
The photography will showcase your store in an engaging way getting up close to the merchandise and your interiors features. What better way to present to your customers the experience they can expect to receive.

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How it works

1. Contact us
2. We photograph your site
3. Receive your tour in a few days

Choose a package that suits you

Single Pano

Ideal for car interiors, terrace views, scenery, commercial. 360 Pano photos will be sent via link to client for downloading ideal for can be posted to social media.

  • 1 Panoramic Photo
  • 2 Panoramic Photos
  • 4 Panoramic Photos
  • 5+ Panoramic Photos

Basic VR Tour

Ideal for AirBnB, Aparthotels, Hostels, Retail outlets, small shops etc. Prices based on properties of 100sqm or less. Contact us for a quote on larger properties.

  • 1 Photo per room, Max-4 rooms
  • The final product will be emailed to you to be embedded in your website etc..
  • Call rate + Tour editing
  • Publishing to Google Street View

Tour VR Pro

Ideal for any business or a public property.
A professional tour including information tags, background music, entrance narration.

  • Call rate + Tour Editing
  • Tour Server Hosting                                    
  • Publishing to Google Street View

Contact Us

If you prefer you can contact us by email, or give us a call on 7998 7654